Friday, August 26, 2016

Lucky Junk Kitchen Renovation

authenticity |ˌôTHenˈtisitē
the quality of being authentic
Let's here it for being far as I'm concerned, there is no other way to be. My hubby & I both believe in living truly authentic lives.And for all of you that shop my brick & mortar,  Lucky Junk, nothing could be more vintagely (ha, made up a new word) authentic!
I get asked SO often as a vintage home decor shop owner to post pictures of my own homes interior.  As, enduring & flattering as that request is, I have never had the guts to do it.  I don't want to disappoint any of our Lucky Junkers.
All of my time, creativity & energy are used up most days by the shop.  Not that I'm complaining, but gosh it sure would be awesome to not only do the constant Re-Styles at Lucky Junk...but some for my own home too!
Well, with the encouragement of one of my gal pals.planner-draftswoman.demolition goddess & of course the thumbs up from the hubby we are finally taking on our first "demo" interior remodel.
So with authenticity by my side...let's embark together on this Budget-Concscience,  U-Do-It Transformation of our Dutch Colonial Cottage Kitchen circa 1942. 

Not all you see was of course original to this era, like the purple, yes purple laminate countertops or the Big Box Hardware Store faux stained glass lighting 
that we inherited when we purchased the home 10 years ago.
But yes, oh yes, the knotty pine wood cabinets are all of 1942...can we get an AMEN!

We truly liked the separation between the kitchen & dining area when we first bought the home.
But, now with this nagging-won't go away feeling that we want to live a simpler life...
we are ready for an Urban Farmhouse Kitchen Decor, complete with some open shelves.  

The open shelves will keep us honest and minimal...
using & purchasing only kitchenware that we need.

We plan on leaving some cabinetry...
as the wall separating these two rooms is what we will be focusing on to start.

The journey is about to begin & will continue to evolve.
Would be honored if you come along for the ride.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

2 much FUN! [second year anniversary celebration]

We can't believe it already has been 2 years! 
We thank ALL of you for being such fabulous 
customers, supporters & friends! 
Please join us this Saturday for ALL of the FUN!! 

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Salsa 17 & Lucky Junk have created a FUN girls night out!
Margaritas, Mexican Nibbles, Shop Vintage & create your own Sugar Skull Pumpkin!
Register is limited!
Just click link below...we look forward to having a fiesta with you!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We are absolutely blown away & SO humbled by this opportunity! 
We hope that you will Tune In...and Enjoy the Show!!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You touched our LUCKY Hearts!

Lots of windshield time the beginning of August this year on the 127 Yard Sale 
through Tennessee & Kentucky!  

Our journey was met with unbelievably beautiful scenery, 
mouth-watering BBQ, rusty-crusty-shabby finds that filled up our whole picker truck 
and lots of fun folks with stories to share!

And as it does happen in life (thank God)...there was one very special moment 
that touched our hearts!

As we were making our way down Route 127 I was intrigued by this sweet cottage...
and from the pictures'd be pulling in with us, right?

There was a sign at the residence that said 
"see my creations at the yard sale in the next field".
Well, we couldn't get there fast enough...
saw a table that had one our two nature-type creations, 
but no one was there...sigh.

We pulled our picker truck down the road, but I couldn't stop thinking about this artist.  The next morning we were heading onto Kentucky...and I was SO happy to discover that we had to drive past this yard sale again...and I was crossing my fingers they would be there.

As we pulled up, I could see that the once barren table was now being filled with incredible, stunning nature creations. We walked up and met Henry.  
We were greeted with the most welcoming one could resist.  
We shared our joy that he was there...our compliments regarding his sweet cottage & that we couldn't wait to hear his artist story and start shopping!  

He was over the top appreciative...
and couldn't believe how enamored we were with his work.

Little did we know that at that moment, time was not going matter, nor our next destination.  For Henry started to share the story of his struggles...and we were hanging on every word.  

He explained that he was depressed, anxious and had been in bed the last 2 years.  He would set up for shows with all of his incredible talent & creations and not show up.  This was the first time in such a long time that he actually made it!  
Wow...and we were there to be his first customers!


I don't know why at that moment, but I shared with him my phrase that I use in my workshops to describe painting with chalk-based paints...
"The Art of Imperfect Perfection".  

He was blown away and said, "that is ME"...and could not write it down fast enough.  Through all of our tears and of course shopping...
we realized that this was the BEST moment of our journey!

And of course then to come home to the tragic news of Robin was all too much!

You never know how you will be touched or touch another soul...
be fearless and live with your heart wide open!

Here's some of Henry's creations...available at the Lucky Junk Shop.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A few items from my Grand Ma's French Attic!

It was a day of wonderful surprises.

First, my USPS Mail Carrier called me {yes, you heard it right} 
while he was standing in front of my Lucky Junk Shop 
and said that I had received a package from France 
& that it would not fit in my mailbox.

You had me at "Hi, this is your Mail Carrier" 
and then you double barreled me with...
"you have a package from France".

I couldn't get to the shop fast enough.

A little back story...before we get to the French Package {sorry}.

It was our Chanceux {Lucky} Day in September 2012 
when we met Delphine & Oliver and stayed at their B & B
 {words cannot even describe the incredible charm}
in the French Countryside of the Burgundy Region.

Let's start with a...
stone floor, 
a dog to greet you, 
champagne from their favorite local vineyard,
vintage galore throughout our room,
and they still drive their vintage Citroen that they drove on their honeymoon!

Charming French B & B where we stayed!

The note that was carefully tucked inside of my French Package
In past correspondence Delphine had told me 
that she might send me some French Vintage Items...a girl can only hope!

Well, keep hope alive...cause dreams do come true!

The anticipation of it's contents was too much to bear!

I carefully {OK, I ripped through the postal paper} to find wrapped items, too many to count.

The first item {and my favorite} is this shabby chic green tin adorned with birds.

As I opened up each of the packages I was so amazed at how many of the items looked like they could have come from an American Grandmother's wonderful is that!

What...some of Grand 'Ma's beautiful vintage clothing...I thought I was going to faint.

I've blogged about the value of relationships before...
but it truly makes the world go round...even oceans away!

I'm now dreaming of the special package that I will send Delphine.

Merci Beaucoup!

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