Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lucky Dog

We can't imagine life without our one-eyed dog, Maggie.

As the incredible Morris, Oklahoma stories & pictures unfold of hope, devastation, love, heartbreak and endless supplies of support our hearts ache and our eyes continue to well up with tears.

And then...we witness an elderly woman sharing her personal journey of how she survived, but that she fears her dog did not.  As she is sharing her story for all of us to hear...the dog, HER dog appears out from under the debris of her tornado savaged home.  "One of my prayers was answered, to save my life and now the second was answered".

We too, feel that "our second prayer was answered".  For my husband, 6 years ago was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect that would require open heart surgery.  This defect is what is termed, "the widow maker".  We caught it just in the nick of time, successful surgery was performed and he is leading a healthy, LUCKY life.  Prayer 1 answered.

Prayer 2 came in the form of a rescued, fluffy terrier, that we named Maggie.  As life would bring a crazy, meant-to-be moment once again, she was born on the day my husband had his heart surgery!

She was a little puppy when the inconceivable happened...Maggie was hit by a car right in front of our home...and I witnessed it all.  From not only the car driving away (not even getting out to make sure she was OK), to my husband's tears flowing down his cheeks as he carried her away from the scene in his LUCKY Irish Rugby Shirt.

Maggie thankfully survived with little to no cognitive issues or broken bones.  What Maggie did lose is her right eye.  And has never missed a beat since then.  Her signature right ear has become her "antenna" and very rarely is Maggie!

Here's to learning a lesson from a dog, "No matter what life brings...kick some grass over that shit and move on".

LUCKY Maggie

Monday, May 13, 2013

The LUCKY JUNK Combo Platter

To quote a college girlfriend..."Life is not just one thing or the's a combination of events that bring us to where we are today".  That was the moment in college when we coined the phrase, "Combo Platter" and have used it ever since!

My Combo Platter can be explained as a 20+ year professional marketing career in the health care industry focusing on senior housing/senior services + my family inherited creative genes = LUCKY JUNK!  In a nutshell...I LOVE seniors and I LOVE their stuff! Combo Platter lead me (very innocently) to having a Vintage Yard Sale at my home several years ago.  

I have for MANY years hit flea markets, vintage-garage-estate sales...loving every minute and developing wonderful friendships along the way.  I am blessed to have an artsy husband, family  & girlfriends to tag along!  I SO enjoy the creative discussions, fabulous displays, art-work, repurposing...and the thrill of the hunt!  I hadn't hit the hoarder stage YET with all of my great finds...but was getting "itchy" for new items...and was ready to say good-bye to the old and bring in more OLD!  

And so, our first (and I truly thought only) Vintage Yard Sale was born!  But, alas I was SO wrong!  The customers, friends & neighbors that came to that first sale were so over-the-top supportive, complimentary & shopper-wild...we thought we had become some sort of Vintage celebs over-night!  They asked for more sales...and the LUCKY JUNK journey began!

LUCKY Vintage Yard Sale

LUCKY Vintage Yard Sale

LUCKY Vintage Yard Sale

Announcing our 2013 Vintage Spring Yard COMBO PLATTER back in action!  

Would LOVE to hear about your Combo Platter!

Vintage Love,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lucky No. 1

Hello Lucky Junkers!

Wow...the journey to design and publish my blog has been met with many challenges...but I made it.  Woo Hoo!  I truly do believe that obstacles in life make you stronger...and that a lot of patience goes a long way!

The steps & events on my journey included:

  • Losing my 11-year job earlier this year with a family owned and operated health care company
  • Having the aha moment with my husband that this WAS the time to embark on our passion the love of vintage
  • Take ANY small business classes and social media classes that I could find through our local library and community college
  • Starting the search for a Lucky Junk location (besides our driveway & garden...which has been the site of many Vintage Yard Sales...more to come on these in my next post)

I am SO excited to start this next part of the journey with all of you...and I look forward to your comments and sharing our love of vintage, life and as one of my Small Business instructors (now friend) shared, "being authentic"!

Vintage Love,

Happy Spring!