Monday, October 17, 2016

Day № 2 Kitchen Demo I've kinda stretched the truth about the Day we are actually on!  
It is more like № LOTS OF DAYS!
Life truly does get in the way of sharing our progress...arghhh!!
So...away we go...let's get caught up.
Here is where we are at!
Slow but Steady...One Step at a Time...all seem to be our mantra.
As we continue to do most of this demo project on our own...
in-between running our vintage business & the hubby's FT job.

Plastic Tile Backsplash-GONE!
But not without a lot of muscle & elbow grease...OUCH!
The tile itself was not so bad...but the Tile Mastic (glue) was challenging to say the least.
Cannot even imagine if we had a bigger kitchen.
We just kept keeping our eye on the prize...the soon to be...

Partition Wall [including Studs & Header]-GONE!
Girl Power + Hubby Power = Gettin' it Done
It helps when your girlfriend's hubby is 7ft tall...thank you!

Electric Work-In Progress!
This is when we call in the professionals...and we LOVE his amazing work!
A few more electric projects on the To Do List...but will need to wait patiently as we follow the order of our Kitchen Renovation Time Line.

SO grateful for my high school gal pal...
with not only all of her awesome demo & design talents, 
but also her organizational skills and LOTS of advice!

Our Inspiration Photo

We are dreaming of...
Free Floating Salvaged Wood Shelves
Concrete Countertops
White Painted Cabinets
Industrial Farmhouse Lighting
Lucky US!

Stay tuned...
Ha, should be more like come back around in Lots & Lots of Days!
But...we promise to continue blogging about our progress.

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  1. Oh Janet I am loving this. Wish I still lived closer you know Terry and I would be right in there with you and Bill on this project. Your dream kitchen is going to be fabulous. I cannot wait to see it to completion. Love your inspiration photo. Go team Lucky!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Kris!! You & Terry are truly inspirational with your handwork, fearlessness in your DIY projects & the fabulous outcomes! xo

  2. Janet, can't wait to see the next step. You will love the subway tiles. I have them in my old kitchen and even when others told me to get rid of them, I wouldn't. They're great! Milena

    1. Thanks so much Milena...and YAY for Subway Tiles!! I adore them too! xo

  3. Love your page Lucky Junk! so fun :)