Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lucky Junk Grand Opening + Annalee Jazz!

We are excited to announce that when you attend the Lucky Junk Shop Grand Opening 
this weekend you will be entertained by a singer-song/ writer that I met several years ago 
and am SO pleased to be sharing her talent with all of you.

Annalee will be performing on Thursday, January 16 & Saturday, January 18.

Lucky Us!
Her description on her Facebook page is why
Lucky Junk & Annalee have come together for our BIG Grand Opening:
"When young brains insured by old souls come together to create, there is a  deeper connection.
You are drawing from your own creativity whiz is drawing from a radiant past of cats who drove you crazy with their playing.
It's not copying.
It's capturing a sound or a feel that changed your musical direction and bringing it back to life with your own interpretation.  
In other words, our take on Jazz.
Now, keeping jazz alive can't always mean playing the "standards" 
especially not with this generation.
That's why this group we strive to capture the hearts of any age audience my implementing our jazz inspired feel into new, old, and our original music." 
Lucky Junk Shop Grand Opening
Thursday, 1/16 . Friday, 1.17 . Saturday, 1/18
405 S. Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, IL  60005
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  1. Hi Janet, I posted about my visit to your store this weekend. So nice to meet you and visit your amazing store. I will visit again soon. Penny

  2. Hello Penny,
    I can't thank you enough for your lovely post about Lucky Junk...so charming! It was wonderful to meet you & your husband...and I look forward to following your post & following our vintage journey.
    I have posted your blog link to the Lucky Junk FB page...and I will add you to "my favorite blogs" roll.
    Vintage xo