Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Junk + Relationships

First of all an apology is due. 
I did not intend on using my blog for the sole purpose of advertising 
my new shop, Lucky Junk.
And yet, the last few months have been just that. 
Launching a new business sure does take a lot of time...
early mornings, late nights & everything else in-between. 
Something had to be affected {along with my sore muscles} & I'm afraid it was my blog.
Soooo...my heartfelt apologies.

My future goal {crossing my fingers & toes} is to write a combination of posts...
Lucky Junk announcements & exciting happenings 
along with food, fun, vintage galore, decorating, painting, gardening....and much more.

Sooooo...let's get started!

 And it's all about YOU...and the incredible relationships you have shared with me!

Vintage Soul Sister & her darling daughter

Who knew that when I started this Junk Journey that  not only was I going to discover 
 incredible vintage finds,  but also incredible, melt my heart relationships!

Where the Creative Rubber meets the Junk Road
From a sweet High School Friend to artistic & FUN

It didn't just happen overnight, it took time {but in my "launching new business mind" these new & fabulous re-connections happened like the pouf of a fairy godmother's wand}! 

Sorority Sisters got me...and I'm SO Lucky

The sharing of memories, creative ideas, personal struggles, 
wishes for SPRING...NOW, 
forming a Vintage Soul Sister Society, 
incredible introductions & networking to LOL moments 
and of course a few cocktails in-between all came from my...

...and my promise is to continue to cultivate each and every one of  you 
as  you have so tenderly done with me.

Creative {off the chart} and Oh, SO cute

Did I say cute?

Bestie Friends & Brother...support PLUS

Work mates, long-time friends...and throw in author, gardener...

Our awesome dog sitter...and awesome friend

High School Friends & Junk Lovers

From Grade School Bestie to Jazz Singer

Colonial Antique Mall Sweeties
Creative PLUS...and so much FUN

Hmmm...I've considered starting a Lucky Photo Booth at the shop.

Junk + Relationships...nothin' sweeter!

Follow along with the Lucky Junk Shop...

Check for upcoming sale dates...



  1. Janet,
    This is too sweet. Love this post and seeing all the love and support you and Bill have in friendships and customers. You have a wonderful shop and are so deserving of all the support. Lucky Junk, Lucky in love and Lucky friends and customers.

  2. Kris,
    Thanks SO very much for your sweet comments...made my day!