Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You touched our LUCKY Hearts!

Lots of windshield time the beginning of August this year on the 127 Yard Sale 
through Tennessee & Kentucky!  

Our journey was met with unbelievably beautiful scenery, 
mouth-watering BBQ, rusty-crusty-shabby finds that filled up our whole picker truck 
and lots of fun folks with stories to share!

And as it does happen in life (thank God)...there was one very special moment 
that touched our hearts!

As we were making our way down Route 127 I was intrigued by this sweet cottage...
and from the pictures below...you'd be pulling in with us, right?

There was a sign at the residence that said 
"see my creations at the yard sale in the next field".
Well, we couldn't get there fast enough...
saw a table that had one our two nature-type creations, 
but no one was there...sigh.

We pulled our picker truck down the road, but I couldn't stop thinking about this artist.  The next morning we were heading onto Kentucky...and I was SO happy to discover that we had to drive past this yard sale again...and I was crossing my fingers they would be there.

As we pulled up, I could see that the once barren table was now being filled with incredible, stunning nature creations. We walked up and met Henry.  
We were greeted with the most welcoming smile...no one could resist.  
We shared our joy that he was there...our compliments regarding his sweet cottage & that we couldn't wait to hear his artist story and start shopping!  

He was over the top appreciative...
and couldn't believe how enamored we were with his work.

Little did we know that at that moment, time was not going matter, nor our next destination.  For Henry started to share the story of his struggles...and we were hanging on every word.  

He explained that he was depressed, anxious and had been in bed the last 2 years.  He would set up for shows with all of his incredible talent & creations and not show up.  This was the first time in such a long time that he actually made it!  
Wow...and we were there to be his first customers!


I don't know why at that moment, but I shared with him my phrase that I use in my workshops to describe painting with chalk-based paints...
"The Art of Imperfect Perfection".  

He was blown away and said, "that is ME"...and could not write it down fast enough.  Through all of our tears and of course shopping...
we realized that this was the BEST moment of our journey!

And of course then to come home to the tragic news of Robin Williams...it was all too much!

You never know how you will be touched or touch another soul...
be fearless and live with your heart wide open!

Here's some of Henry's creations...available at the Lucky Junk Shop.

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  1. Janet,
    What a heart warming story on your junkin journey. Love this story about Henry. So happy you met him and were able to bring some of his beautiful treasures to the shop.

    1. Kris,
      It was magical...thanks much for reading about Henry & your sweet comments.

  2. Lovely story, Janet. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

    1. Jennie,
      You're absolutely right! Thanks much for your sweet comments and reading about Henry.

  3. You touched my heart. I, too suffer from depression and social anxiety, which can be very lonely. Thanks for brightening that man's day (probably many days). A small act of kindness is not stationary...we all are touched by it.

    1. Ollie,
      Thanks so much for sharing your journey...and my heart goes out to you. I am sure that it is a daily struggle...keep the faith and positive influences around you...for in support & love we can find our way.

  4. Wow! What a great story that I hope you share with everyone who purchases his art.

  5. Hi Lauren,
    SO nice to hear from you! Thanks for your sweet comments...and I absolutely will :)