Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chanceux Day!

It was my LUCKY day!  I came home to find a USPS note on our door stating that they had attempted to deliver a package while I was gone.  Oh NO!  But, to my surprise our wonderful mailman returned  in the afternoon and YES it was my Vintage 1930's French Bottle Drying Rack from Bordeaux, France!  I couldn't get the box opened fast enough to reveal all if it's zinc glory!

Oui, Oui!

While my husband and I were traveling in France last year for the first time, we of course went to many French Markets!  WOW...can't wait to go back is all I have to say!  I was almost in tears when we came upon a Vintage Drying Rack at one of the markets that was too big to take home on the plane...and as much as I tried...ha, ha...it would not collapse!

So, my search for one online started a few months ago...and now it is happily enjoying a new life in our "dill pickle" colored dining room!  I added the Bordeaux, France tag & vintage Skeleton Key.  The Central Steel & Wire Company Chart was from one of our recent LuckY JuNk country picks...and the beautiful Peonies are from our garden.

This photo was taken during our country walk in a quaint French town.

More on our France trip in future posts...

Wishing you all a Chanceux Day!

Vintage xo,


  1. Wow - I have never seen such a thing! So many possible uses, besides the one it was designed for -- lovely!

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Thanks MUCH for your comment...YES the uses are endless! The French, of course, use it strictly for WINE :)

      Vintage xo,