Monday, July 8, 2013

NO Sale . LuCKy Sale

Well, we've had quite the not-so lucky week at LUCKY JUNK.  Many of you have already seen our FaceBook post, but it's taken me all week to share the news via our blog.  I didn't want this to be all about the whine (unless it's a fabulous-jammy red), but more about the next steps.  OK...maybe a little bit about "poor me"...but then, let's move on to the Happy Road!

We were all READY, SET, finally open up our storefront...and the inconceivable happened...and the shop is not opening (at least for now)!  For one of those crazy moments in life, when you have no idea about the WHY...this event happens.  Maybe we will never know....but if we continue to focus on this...and not the HOW to get to the next step...I'm afraid the next steps won't happen.

So for now our NO Sale (on our cool vintage National Cash Register) is true...

No Sale

but...our LUCKY Sale is still alive...along with our hope and dreams 
of what the next shop will look like.  

In fact, to seal the HOPE deal...these are just a few of the Lucky Junk finds from a pick this weekend.  And to our LUCK...ok let's call it a sign (wait, it is a sign) is this vintage red SALE sign that will hang proudly one day in our LuCKy Junk Shop!

LuCKy Sale

Stay tuned for our next blog...when we are going to be literally heading down the HAPPY ROAD!

LuCKy Ride

Vintage xo,


  1. Sad indeed but you're probably going to find an even better space. I'll keep my eyes open. Keep us all posted and hey, gives you more time to stock up on cool stuff!

  2. Absolutely Lauren...& thanks SO much for the kind remarks and support! It means the world to us!

  3. Don't lose hope keep moving forward....good things will come!

  4. Thanks SO much Anne...we know it to be true! Truly appreciate your friendship & support!

  5. I hope all your lucky hopes and lucky dreams come true very soon.

    1. Thanks MUCH Tot...for your kind remarks and "vintage" wishes! xx Janet