Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Go-Lucky!

This is where the rubber meets the Happy Road!  
Enough of the gloom & doom, poor us and the big question of WHY our shop space didn't work out.
And onto a new road filled with excitement again, hope and FUN!
You can't kick these tires too many times...before they fill up with air and are ready to zoom!

When the attitude changed...so did our LUCK!

It was a stormy morning when my husband and I had scheduled our Kentucky day trip to see a "darling" (my word not my husband's...LOL) vintage pick-up truck that we had seen online.  
As we were leaving the house (5 am) our power went out.  
We contemplated rescheduling, but we put caution to the wind and forged ahead.

Luck was on our side...and once we got about an hour from home...the sun came out and we had a beautiful ride.  We kept telling each other to promise that we would not offer to purchase the truck unless we both felt the truck love.  And that if we didn't purchase...we will have just had a really nice drive together to Kentucky and another truck will come our way.

The minute we pulled up into the owners driveway we both gasped and tried to calm down.  It was just what we had been looking for...the last 2 years!  The owner, Bill graciously showed us around his property and shared his other vintage car restorations and many awards that he had won throughout the years.  Wow!  

We were trying to be patient as the tour continued...but we just wanted to see (our) the truck!  Bill explained that he had worked for International Harvester for years, retired and started his own Restoration Shop..and that he did all the restoration work on the truck.  The truck had been found in OK & stored in a barn.  
The story just kept getting better!

Bill had his own personal auto body shop, complete with car lift.  He put the truck up and we all walked under.  Oh my gosh...my husband could hardly contain himself...it had been restored so wonderfully.  
And he and his wife...were SO very nice, too.  
We started to feel that the moon & stars were coming into alignment!

Truck love was agreed upon...SOLD!

And even better...for all of us vintage pickers...Bill's wife was having aYard Sale the next day...and she gave me first buy on everything!  Our trip was complete.

Our dreams of owning our very own Luck Truck have been fulfilled...
and we are truly heading down the Happy Road
(ok, well not completely smooth...as we both brush up on driving a manual automobile)!

Stay tuned...in future blogs we will show the transformation to the LUCK Truck!



  1. Love the truck! My hubs joust bought us a 1960's vintage International Scout pickup truck for junkin. We are lucky to have spouses that share/support our passion. Go Junk!

  2. Hi City Salvage,
    How awesome is that...LOVE the Scout's, our hubbies & JUNK!!

    Vintage XO

  3. Congratulations that is soooooo coooool!!

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thanks SO much...worth the wait!