Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bourbon & Junk...How LUCKY!

Well, we hit the Happy Road!
Not quite the road yet to our Lucky Junk Shop location...but for now (and good for the soul) we took a bend in the road to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail...and along the way found junk!  
OK...so we knew the junk would be there...and it found us!
Wishing you a GREAT rest of your summer...and finding your Happy Road!

First Stop!

Second Stop!
Mr. Lucky Junk was thirsty.

Can we PLEASE take one home?

Vintage Bourbon Distillery Coveralls

Ohhhh...how we LOVE jUNk...and the people we meet along the way!

Can't get enough of rust & chipped paint!

Made by a 12-year old girl...Junker Mom & Dad were SO proud!

Follow along with the Lucky Junk Shop...

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  1. I'm always curious about where everyone else picks up their "junk" -- looks like you had a great and profitable trip!

  2. Thanks Lauren...YES we did!

    Vintage xx