Friday, August 30, 2013

Lucky Fruit Hand Pies

My last blog posting was all about the Bourbon on our recent Kentucky trip...
but the one thing I left out was the Hand Pies!  
It was a Kentucky scorch of a day, we were tired & ready to head home...but then we spotted the tented booth..."Homemade Fruit Hand Pies"!

Well, the road could wait a few least we thought.  
But when we got up to the line, with only one couple in front of us...we heard the vendor say, 
"We just ran out & it will be a 20-minute wait".  
The aroma was SO intoxicating that we DID wait!  

The 20-minutes dragged on, while our mouths were watering...we could just taste those pies!
Little did we know that the couple in front of us took full advantage of the fresh pies...
and ordered a DOZEN!  
Their family kept walking up behind us and shouting out more orders!  
It wouldn't have been so bad, but homemade these pies were, the vendor was tired...
and the DOZEN ordered wanted the incredible drizzle of frosting on top...
which seriously was "frosting art" in slow motion!
We were in a BAD PIE DREAM!

Patience, patience...and then our time came...we could hardly get the words out...
"2 Cherry Pies please"!
And of course we ordered the frosting too...not caring at that point that we were 
going to be standing there another 5 minutes.
The wait & the heat were worth it! husband & I have been thinking about those pies ever since then.  
In my next blog post I will share our recipe, pictures...and a little bit of Pie Heaven.

Lucky Fruit Hand Pies

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  1. Oh no you are going to keep me waiting for the recipe......waaaaaaaa

  2. Hi Anne,
    Anticipation....I'll post this week :)

    Vintage xo,