Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lucky Hand Pie Recipe

Hope that you will enjoy much as we do!
SO easy to make...a real crowd pleaser!
We are demonstrating with Cherry...YUM!
{but any fruit filling will work}

-3 cups Pitted Fresh or Thawed Frozen Cherries {with their juices}
-1 cup Sugar
 -2 tablespoons Corn Starch
-2 tablespoons Orange Juice
In a large saucepan combine all the ingredients above and cook over medium heat, 
stirring constantly, until thickened and bubbly.
Set filling aside to cool or cover and chill in refrigerator.

-2 packages {2 crusts each} Refrigerator Pie Crust

On a floured surface open up your thawed Refrigerator Pie Crust.
{we actually experimented with the store brand...and it was delicious}

Use a 4"-5" circle cookie cutter {which we didn't have...ooops}. 
So, we improvised and used a vintage aluminum bowl and it worked great.

We were able to get 5 circles out of 1 {one} Pie Crust with having to 
roll out excess dough for 2 of the 5 pastry circles.

Line a cookie sheet with Parchment Paper & lay out all 5 circles.

Spoon 2 heaping teaspoons of Fruit Filling onto each circle center leaving a border.
Brush Borders with an Egg Wash {1 egg + water}.
Fold pastry over, crimp to seal with fork tines and prick a few times in the center.

Bake in a 375 degree oven for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.
{Hint: Rotate Baking Sheet one time}

Hand Pie Yield:  Approx. 20 YUMMY Pies

Special thanks to Midwest Living Magazine August 2013 Issue their Fruit Hand Pies recipe was our inspiration {with some LUCKY JUNK tweaks}.

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  1. Oh I am SO pinning this -- how fun to make these little pies!

  2. Thanks MUCH Lauren...hope you like them! Vintage xx

  3. Those look delicious Janet!Hmmm will I be sampling any at the sale... wink wink ...hint ...hint :-)

    1. Hi Anne,
      So glad that you are coming to the will be great to see you! And yes, there might be Fruit Hand Pies in your near future :)

      Vintage XO